Dr. Pamela J. Middleton, M.D

Dr. Pamela J. Middleton, M.D., aka “Dr. Pam” is a respected integrative pediatrician, women’s well-being coach, international bestselling author, consultant and sought-after speaker on health and wellness. She speaks for organizations, youth and churches. Dr. Pam has been featured on TV, radio, print and online media.

Dr. Pam is the Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of PamMiddletonMD.com where through her programs and services she helps families achieve and maintain health and wellness through inside out healing. Dr. Pam founded a private practice in Newport Beach, CA where she specialized in integrative pediatrics which is a blend of alternative, holistic and traditional medical therapies. She incorporated clinical homeopathy, bioenergetic medicine and nutrition into her practice so that she could provide her patients with “the best of both worlds.” Dr. Pam currently works as a locum tenens (traveling) physician. She also offers holistic telemedicine, consultative services and women’s well-being coaching.

Dr. Pam has wowed audiences throughout the country with information on natural health and healing options that are not widely known. She regularly shares holistic health information online with her self-titled #MomHuddleNation making her “America’s Virtual Holistic Pediatrician.” Dr. Pam is passionate about spreading awareness pertaining to holistic healing options. She is very involved in community health initiatives and activities. Dr. Pam has authored five books and has two additional books coming soon.

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Dr. Pam earned her undergraduate degree from Howard University in Washington, DC, her Doctorate of Medicine from Wayne University in Detroit, Michigan and completed a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She received a Diploma in Clinical Homeopathy from the Center for Education and Development of Homeopathy, completed the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine and the College of Executive Coaching Post-Graduate Certification Program in Positive Psychology Wellness and Well-being Coaching.